SpamExperts Tutorial

SpamExperts is a leading company in the e-mail security market. In order to provide the most secure services to the customers SiteGround has integrated the SpamExperts solutions on our shared and business servers.

In this way the incoming and outgoing e-mail messages are filtered and the delivery of spam is prevented.

One of the great benefits of the SpamExperts solution is that the system cluster can be taught. All the suspicious e-mails are stored in a Spam Quarantine queue and the clients can mark chosen messages as legitimate.

The SpamExperts control panel can be opened through cPanel->SpamExperts.

Once the corresponding section is loaded the domains associated with the account are listed.

Click on the Login link besides the chosen domain in order to open the SpamExperts control panel.

The dashboard is divided in different sections:

  • Incoming section
  • Outgoing section
  • Protection report section
  • Email restrictions section
  • Whitelist/Blacklist section
  • Webinterface users section
  • My account section